Detailed Q&A

(You may also send any specific questions to us at info@constellationsdance.org)

How do I join?

All potential company members must be turning 12 years old during the up and coming Company Season. An essay and personal interview is required.  Anyone with a sincere interest in having a career in the arts is welcome.

What is CPAC?

Constellations Performing Arts Company is a non-profit 501C-3 performance/education company that was developed to nurture the needs of promising individuals with a career minded focus in the arts.  CPAC works hard to provide opportunities for their company members and develop well rounded performers, knowledgeable teachers, innovative choreographers and versed technicians and artists in association and collaboration in the performing arts.

What are the class/rehearsal requirements of a CPAC member?

We hold educational session generally on Saturday’s.  We also schedule field trips and other activities as they are available.

Does it cost anything to be a member of CPAC?

A company member must pay for their regular technical training at whatever approved studio they take their technique classes.

For company classes and functions, the ultimate goal of CPAC as a non-profit organization is to fund all of its activities from public donations and fundraisers. However, while the CPAC is very young it needs additional financial support from its members.  Each member will be required to pay $50 each month from August – July. Additionally, members pay a reduced fee to participate in other CPAC sponsored educational events.

We expect that the value of services (listed above) received for the company member will far outweigh the cost to the member and is therefore not tax deductible. (IRS guidelines stipulate that only the amount given to the organization greater than the value received may be tax deductible.)  However, all personal and corporate donations made to the company are tax deductible.  Individuals or organizations donating money to CPAC will receive a financial statement at the end of the year that they may use when filing their taxes.

When does CPAC’s season start?  

The season runs from August – July.

When/Where do you meet for your session?

The majority of company events (meaning company classes, rehearsals, etc…) will take place on Saturdays at their resident studio, StarMaker Performing Arts Center.

Who teaches Company rehearsals and education?

The Artistic Director will conduct some of the sessions and will schedule industry professionals for many others.  This gives the CPAC member exposure to a wide range of information and teaching styles.