Alumni Testimonials

I love how close we have all gotten and how much it is like a second family to me.”

– Sarah Rose, Senior

Dancing and learning about the performing arts with all the other members of CPAC is just amazing!

– Kristina Clem, Freshman

What I love most about CPAC is all the opportunities we are offered and how much support and love we are giving from our teachers and company members. We are like one big happy family, and it makes this my favorite thing to do.

– Amy Baker, Senior

I really feel like [CPAC] is the best performing arts education I can get!

– Allison Knight, Alumni

CPAC offers me so many opportunities that I know dancers my age are not getting. We get to perform a lot and have classes and training in more than just dance. I also love that we help out the community with our seasonal performances!

– Kalley Ryan, Senior