About Us

We believe that education, exposure and versatility are integral to increasing one’s odds of success. We offer roughly 24 workshops a year from August 1st through July 31st. Membership dues are $50 a month and include master classes from experts in dance, vocal training, acting, music theatre, modeling, nutrition, physical therapy, injury presentation, media counseling, lighting and stage design, make-up, resume and reel building, budgeting, art history and other specialized seminars and education trips.

Members have opportunities to visit professional companies, broadway shows and workshops on auditioning and networking, giving them tangible hands-on training of what its like to be a professional artist. Each member is given personalized tracking in the field of fields of their choosing, as well as mentoring and mediation to help them achieve his or her goals and aspirations relevant to either entering college or a career in the arts.

What makes us different?

Resources for continuing training after studio life can be limited for the student, parents and teacher. CPAC allows young artists (ages 12-18) to experience life as a professional, first-hand, with real-world responsibilities that help grow them in ways they can’t experience within a studio alone The opportunities we offer through CPAC, matched by the student’s passion for a career in the arts and commitment to reach his or her goals, sets these artists apart from other their same age once they enter the “real world”.